The ones that trail off your lips.

Her Smile.

Her Hair.

Are you ever insecure, of the past?One that you’ve never seen? 

Could it bite you in the ass? 

The thoughts in the night. 

The ones of. 
The ones that trail off your lips. 

          Her Smile. 

          Her Hair.

It makes me think. 

Is that what you want¿
Should I aspire to be more. 

To allude to she¿

She had that essence. 

You know, the one that everyone aspires to have,

It says, says oh, look at me.
She doesn’t try hard, or does she? Appearances, who know, they confuse me.

My heart says you love me. But it also says.

There was one that, got away.
The one with, the dark hair, she floated, her daughter pulled you astray.
She had that, je ne sais quoi.

You know, that pull you in, beauty.

Physique that, pulls you in. 
Do you love me? I know you do. 

The question is…

Do I love me, do I think of you? 

Do I think of you? 

Do I think of you, with the girl.
With the girl that didn’t have it all. 

The one you wanted to save.

You didn’t want to let, let the daughter fall.
Can you forget that piece, the piece of your heart?

These broken pieces, these are. 

The others ones, they makes me.
Have comfort.

I need comfort but not forever.

This love is great. 

But it’s not clever. 

I need a love that pulls my strings. 

But this love I have. 

All it does, is please.

Back to Us

Your heart is where I live

I know you see me

What’s going on inside

The feelings of my heart

The thoughts of my mind

You wrap me up tight

Give me all I need

I have hope for the future

You and me

That’s all I need

Things have been rocky

Some might say, rather tough

But I know what we are made of

I won’t give up

We are on our path

Back from where we came

We’ve had quite the journey

But I still feel the same

I need your arms around me

Embrace me in your love

They say a home is where you live

They must not know love

My home is a person

Made of flesh and bones

The markings on your body

Is a map that leads me home

Your heart is where I live


Have my soul

I want this forever

Just you and me

This life is for always

Now I can finally see


You taught me about fire

Near the sunset

Not far from the rain

The longing in my heart

Makes me go insane

I travel my mind

Like a map of the sea

Wondering where I will find

You and me

 Stumbling along the beaten path

I came across you

My soul, torn in half

You picked me up

Put me back together

Two became one

I thought this was happily forever

Days turned into weeks

Weeks into months

Those months suddenly became years

What once was, now is dust

 My soul feels shaky


But, I don’t want to quit

I know that we are somewhere

This isn’t our love

You taught me about fire


How to sore

I swear I could fly

But suddenly we are drowning

Always calling a score

Seconds turn into hours

Yesterday’s words ringing in our ears

Passion is just a fruit

What happened over the years?

 I want us back

You know, the old you and me

People who used to laugh and play

That’s how we should be

 Maybe we are fire and oil

Sometimes love isn’t enough

I know that we are somewhere

This isn’t how our love is

I won’t give up trying

I’ll give all of my breaths

You’ll see me leave how you found me

A broken soul in two

If there is an end it won’t be pretty

My soul belongs to you