The ones that trail off your lips.

Her Smile.

Her Hair.

Are you ever insecure, of the past?One that you’ve never seen? 

Could it bite you in the ass? 

The thoughts in the night. 

The ones of. 
The ones that trail off your lips. 

          Her Smile. 

          Her Hair.

It makes me think. 

Is that what you want¿
Should I aspire to be more. 

To allude to she¿

She had that essence. 

You know, the one that everyone aspires to have,

It says, says oh, look at me.
She doesn’t try hard, or does she? Appearances, who know, they confuse me.

My heart says you love me. But it also says.

There was one that, got away.
The one with, the dark hair, she floated, her daughter pulled you astray.
She had that, je ne sais quoi.

You know, that pull you in, beauty.

Physique that, pulls you in. 
Do you love me? I know you do. 

The question is…

Do I love me, do I think of you? 

Do I think of you? 

Do I think of you, with the girl.
With the girl that didn’t have it all. 

The one you wanted to save.

You didn’t want to let, let the daughter fall.
Can you forget that piece, the piece of your heart?

These broken pieces, these are. 

The others ones, they makes me.
Have comfort.

I need comfort but not forever.

This love is great. 

But it’s not clever. 

I need a love that pulls my strings. 

But this love I have. 

All it does, is please.


I see in slow motion

I see in slow motion
Valleys of darkness in front of my eyes
The color from the world has turned gray
No longer vibrant
Vast shades of greens and blue, no longer
I hear words in murmurs
I see others have excitement and I feel a void
An emptiness like that black plague sweeping over my body
Prepared to drown me in a sea of tidal waves

When did this happen?
How did this happen?

I am a shell of my former self
A zombie with a smile
I look the same
I still laugh
I lie in bed and see myself 
Laying there
Screaming on the inside

I look at you
Pleading with my eyes for help
Please stop
Give me what I need
Don’t you love me?

I'm sorry
I don’t give you what you need
Meet up to your expectations
You break me down
Build me up
Over and over
I can't breathe

You are my ocean
I swim inside of you everyday
Never breaking the surface
I can't quite reach the shore
It's just beyond my grasp
Just like happiness

Please stop
Give me what I need
Don’t you love me?

I love you
You are my ocean
I swim under water
I see in slow motion



Let’s discuss this tomorrow

Let’s discuss this tomorrow

You said


My chest


My ears


Never ends


Won’t start


Won’t ring


Never bloom


Winter frost

Brown grass

Sharp blades


Can’t escape

Let’s discuss this tomorrow

You said

Tomorrow never came

Tomorrow is the wind that whistles though the trees

I think it may be you

Tomorrow is looking across the street

Wondering if I’ll see your face

Tomorrow is the ping on my phone

Wondering if it’s you

Tomorrow is bad dream

I can’t escape

Tomorrow is fear

Never knowing

Tomorrow is stagnant

What ifs

Tomorrow is rethinking

Everything I’ve done

Tomorrow is questioning

Who am I?

Tomorrow is lost

Illusions of my mind

Let’s discuss this tomorrow

You said

Tomorrow is here